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Ethical Angora

Recently, I have seen several articles detailing outrageous business practices concerning angora products. Apparently, some major fashion brands have been working with distributors who harvest the fibers in a rather horrific way. For those of you who don't know, angora is a heavenly soft type of wool that typically comes from rabbits, although there are angora goats, alpacas, cats, and more. Personally, I have a bunny buddy, so this issue hits particularly close to home.

My angora rabbit's name is Apple. I adopted her from a rescue network in 2008. She's getting elderly now and has some arthritis issues, so she gets extra spoiled. Her favorite snack is parsley grown just for her in my living room. Her favorite activity is shaking her rattle when whatever show we're watching gets particularly suspenseful.

When I first adopted her, I was worried about the cats I was living with. They were feistier than my current felines, so I never imagined that Apple would be the one chasing the cats around! Thus, she earned the nickname "Bun Bun," an homage to the switchblade-wielding rabbit from Sluggy Freelance.

Patterns and Publishing

This week has been a crazy one. I never imagined that I could experience so much excitement in my professional life without ever leaving the house. Where should I begin? First and foremost, I published my first eBook!

You can now purchase a Kindle version of Ragdoll's Riot on Amazon! I am absolutely thrilled about this. It's still in the same formatting - the entire book is laid out in my own calligraphy rather than a standard font. If you would prefer a hard copy, they are still on sale in the "Writing and Performance" section of this site.

Since the eBook launched, I have been obsessively refreshing the page. At first, there was really nothing there to see. The page doesn't show number of sales or anything, but this morning I got a wonderful little surprise. Down near the bottom where it shows the category of the work, it said that Ragdoll's Riot was the number five download for Women's Poetry! What an incredible feeling!

On a Brighter Note

I've noticed a trend in my recent blog posts. More and more often, I spend the entirety of the entry complaining about something. While I won't apologize for an occasional rant about something that frustrates me, in truth, I'm not that negative of a person. It bothers me that so much of my recent work has been so critical.

Therefore, I wanted to take a break from that tone and talk about some happier, more exciting stuff. I promise I'll get back to the blog series on current television series soon, and I'm going to work on emphasizing the positive points some more. I bet you couldn't tell, but I actually like all three of the shows I dissected in the last entry.

So, here's some of the cooler stuff I've experienced or accomplished recently. First and foremost, I've been creating things!

That's the new banner for my Etsy store. I don't know how many of you saw the previous one. It was created many years ago with a graphic editing program that no longer exists, and a spastic, adolescent design concept. It was erratic and illegible. I don't intend for this banner to become permanent - I would like something that actually displays my work, but it's a good place-holder until I can get some better photographs of my projects.

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