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The Boob Tube (Part Two)

A few weeks ago, I wrote an entry about several of the more popular television series currently running. Mostly, I complained about some of my favorite shows. The truth is, there are very few modern shows that don't make me roll my eyes at the state of modern entertainment. This time, instead of griping like the cynical old lady I am rapidly becoming, I want to focus on the series I do enjoy, and why.

I promise this one will be much shorter. I really rambled last time.

Doctor Who

If you're reading my blog, you already know how much of a nerd I am. Doctor Who is my favorite television series of all time. It's actually going to be the theme for my wedding. I'll be cosplaying as River Song. Old and new alike, the show is an essential staple of the science fiction genre.

If you've never watched the show, it can be difficult to understand the level of pure obsession that takes hold of your friends who have. First off, for geeks, there's something about sci-fi that's lasted a long time. "Original series," "first edition" and similar phrases hold an extreme power over us. The first episode of Doctor Who aired on November 23rd, 1963 - three years before anyone gave Captain Kirk a starship.

The Boob Tube

At the age of twenty-five, it is finally becoming apparent to me that I am no longer an adolescent. My perceptions and attitude are changing. Some of the most obvious examples are my opinions of popular television. Now, I can't be entirely sure whether this is due to a gradual decline in quality of programming, or whether I'm simply becoming more cynical with age. I do know there was once a time when I enjoyed watching new hit shows. Most of the time now, aside from a few exceptions, TV just makes me grumpy.

Exceptions include silliness.

I'll avoid discussing "reality" shows here. Those come with their own philosophical debate about morality, sadism, and exhibitionism. I would rather focus on the drama and comedy series that impress their stories on us. These are the shows that overwhelm every corner of the Internet , the ones your coworkers won't shut up about during coffee breaks, where accidental spoilers can end friendships. The characters and stories that resonate with us can be an apt commentary on our psyche.

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