Picking-Up Past Projects

Since my husband and I decided to shut down the homestead and move to a more manageable property, new entries on my Ginger Gardens blog have been few and far between. While I do intend to continue posting stories about projects and tutorials there at times, it feels as though this is the right time to resuscitate this blog after several years. My last post here was about fostering Raven, who has long since been adopted into her forever family after about a year in my care.

My life has simply taken a turn. I was overburdening myself with the duties of the homestead, and felt as though I were never making any progress. The things I really wanted to do, I found I didn't have time for. I now have the opportunity to build my web design business, to learn how to program mobile applications, to knit, and to get back to my writing.

While I'm currently writing several books, the one I've been working on for more time is proving to be rather long. It's almost at 55,000 words, and I'm not even a third of the way through the eventual story that I have planned. That doesn't mean that the pace is dragging. Rather, I have so much action packed in that it's simply taking that much to tell the story. Therefore, I've decided to split the story up over several books, rather than writing a single tome.

That means I'm almost done with the first book, and it's time to consider publication. I've self-published my poetry, short stories, and fiber arts patterns in the past, or won contests that put my work into anthologies. However, I'm exceptionally proud of this book and would like it to have a further reach than my previous works. Therefore, I'm looking into literary agents who can best guide me along my path and make the best recommendations for this series moving forward. I know better than most how to establish a personal brand, having gotten my degree in business and marketing, but I want someone who can stand by me and be a true expert on the career-changing decisions that will inevitably come up.

It's a daunting task, for sure. Every article I read about the process seems to compare an agent to a spouse - it's someone you plan to work closely with for many a year, dealing with and making decisions for what you might consider to be your baby or babies. It's not easy to simply find a listing and call that person up. You have to be a match. You have to fit not just your one publication to the agent, but also consider any future work you may produce. For example, I've found two agents that could be a good fit for me - one that matches my current work perfectly, and a second that deals with a genre I may want to venture into in the future. The first specifically does not deal with that genre.

The best I can do is submit queries to both, be honest, and see what happens. Hopefully with some luck, I'll find the perfect match.