Fur Babies and Fur Balls

It has been absolutely crazy around the homestead as of late. We now have a total of seven animals in the house - three cats, three angora rabbits, and a giant dog. It is both wonderful and stressful. Previously, we had the cats, dog, and one of the rabbits - Apple.

I had mentioned in a previous entry that I was going to be taking in a foster bun, and we did as planned. This is Raven. She is incredibly sweet and curious. She's very accustomed to people. She'll eat right from your hand, and even climb on you if you sit near her. As long as she's getting pet, she doesn't even mind being held. You just can't hold her for too long, or she'll get the exploration bug again.

We've only had her for a few weeks now, but I'm astounded that she hasn't found a permanent home already. She's just an incredible bun.

Then, shortly after we had taken in Raven, we found out about another angora rabbit who was in need of help. His owner was allergic to him, so he had lived his whole year-long life outdoors in a wire cage, summer and winter. He had no other bunny buddies and got little attention. He didn't even have the opportunity to leave his cage to exercise, and didn't have room to stand up on his hind legs. In addition, he had only pellets to eat, not the rounded diet a bunny needs.

We named him Tribble. When we brought him home, he was terrified. His feet were bleeding and he had clumps in his fur the size of baseballs. We put his carrier inside a dog crate we had originally bought for George, and opened the door. Within a few minutes, he was jumping and exploring. I pulled out an exercise pen, set it up outside the crate, and gave him some more room, along with some parsley. I've never seen such a happy bunny.

Over the span of just a few days, we watched Tribble go from a trembling mass of fur, to an outgoing bun who will eat from your hand and show off his aerobic binkies. He still doesn't like to be picked up, but he enjoys being pet and has allowed me to do some grooming on those nasty fur clumps. I've made it about 80% of the way through them, but they seem to be causing him some pain still. As for his feet, they're healing up nicely and quickly.

Unfortunately, only days after taking in Tribble, we found out about yet another angora who needs help, but we're running out of space! If you would like to adopt Raven, or if you could help out the organization I'm a part of by fostering a bun, please let me know! With so many bunnies in need of homes, it's all hands on deck!