Happy Hallmark Day!

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. It's a day that women and advertisers worldwide wait impatiently for. Non-single females around the globe are pampered by their loved ones, showered with flowers, chocolate, and jewelry. They get taken out to dinner, and on the dates their significant others have been dreading (like watching that sappy chick flick). I did not, and I have never felt more blessed.

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know this isn't because I'm single. In fact, this was the only Valentine's Day that I will have while engaged. Next year, we'll already be married. He didn't forget the holiday - in fact, he reminded me. He very deliberately did not bring home a card, or chocolate, or flowers. And I am happy about this. I'm aware that statement requires some explanation, so here we go.

Diamonds, chocolate, and roses, oh my!

Let me start off with the typical Valentine's Day presents, because every woman ends up getting the same three or four gifts. Chocolate, flowers, and jewelry. When it comes to chocolate, I'm allergic, so I have a terrible bias that totally would not exist otherwise. Chocolate is delicious, I'll admit that. Flowers and jewelry are another matter. They're really pointless gifts. Yeah, they're pretty, but they cost a lot of money for simply not being an eyesore, and the flowers will become one anyway after a couple weeks. I won't fault anyone for being materialistic, but that's what it is. Someone is spending hard-earned cash on something with no practical value in order to express their feelings. The symbolism there is just insulting to the whole concept of love.

It should be an insult to the woman too. If I can reiterate, most women get the same gifts. I'm sure they get different kinds of flowers or jewelry, but there isn't that much flexibility to accommodate for individuality. To me, a gift that expresses love is one that says "I know all the weird things about you, and I like them." Flowers aren't going to address my quirkiness, but a DVD of a rare original-series Doctor Who episode might. My advice to those who want to express their feelings through gifts, find something unique for that person. Get your significant other something you wouldn't get for anyone else. Don't let commercials trick you into thinking all women are obsessed with pointless, shiny objects.

I could be really cheesy here and say my man doesn't need a holiday to pamper me, that he treats me like a queen every day of the year like a real man should, because it's true. However, he did go above and beyond yesterday. We're currently working on trying to buy a house, and yesterday he took it upon himself to move the process forward. He also helped to advance some of the wedding planning. He took our future, the one that we've constructed together, and he brought it closer to us. He demonstrated through action that he is genuinely excited about our life together.

We didn't go out, either. We're homebodies. We like to watch sci fi and play video games. So while many people were going out to fancy restaurants and probably feeling out of their element because society expected it, we stayed home and enjoyed each other's company while partaking in some of our favorite pastimes - together. That's what the holiday should really be about.