Patterns and Publishing

This week has been a crazy one. I never imagined that I could experience so much excitement in my professional life without ever leaving the house. Where should I begin? First and foremost, I published my first eBook!

You can now purchase a Kindle version of Ragdoll's Riot on Amazon! I am absolutely thrilled about this. It's still in the same formatting - the entire book is laid out in my own calligraphy rather than a standard font. If you would prefer a hard copy, they are still on sale in the "Writing and Performance" section of this site.

Since the eBook launched, I have been obsessively refreshing the page. At first, there was really nothing there to see. The page doesn't show number of sales or anything, but this morning I got a wonderful little surprise. Down near the bottom where it shows the category of the work, it said that Ragdoll's Riot was the number five download for Women's Poetry! What an incredible feeling!

Riding off of that high, I decided to publish a knitting pattern I had created a few weeks back for leg warmers. It's now available for sale on both Ravelry and Etsy. Both are instant download. Here's a picture of the finished product (which can also be purchased on Etsy):

I plan on posting more patterns in the very near future, including the bulky version of the Twist Cable Leg Warmers that I'm working on currently. To see everything I'm currently working on for knitting and crochet, check out my Ravelry Projects page.