Shiny New Things


I am very excited. If you watched the most recent video, you already know that I will soon be launching a new website. For years now, Halliday Won't Stop Writing has been my one venue for all of my projects. Therefore, despite its name, it occasionally features drawings, jewelry, knit, crochet, or other kinds of work that I've done.

That's about to change.This website is going to become a single section of a larger site. The Journal will remain a more general blog, but this area will be specifically for my writing from now on. There will be a second section for my fiber arts, and a third for miscellaneous projects of assorted media. I really can't wait to launch it. I've been working on it for a couple of weeks now and I'm becoming very happy with the way it looks.

Unfortunately, I still need to find a good way to incorporate this site. The last major overhaul wasn't that long ago, so I'm reluctant to make major changes in the appearance. The merge will also most likely include the deletion of the current home page, so bookmarks will have to redirect, most likely to the front page of the Journal.

At the same time, I've been attempting to make my entire web presence more cohesive. I'm getting better at linking my accounts. Those of you who have liked my new Facebook page for Halliday Creations have probably noticed that there's a miniature version of my Etsy store right there in one of the tabs. It even offers discounts. The new site will also allow you to order directly from my new gallery, as easily as you can order Ragdoll's Riot on the Writing and Performance page.

The new site will be up anytime within the next few days. I'm thrilled about the upcoming launch, and I hope that you guys are as well!