On a Brighter Note

I've noticed a trend in my recent blog posts. More and more often, I spend the entirety of the entry complaining about something. While I won't apologize for an occasional rant about something that frustrates me, in truth, I'm not that negative of a person. It bothers me that so much of my recent work has been so critical.

Therefore, I wanted to take a break from that tone and talk about some happier, more exciting stuff. I promise I'll get back to the blog series on current television series soon, and I'm going to work on emphasizing the positive points some more. I bet you couldn't tell, but I actually like all three of the shows I dissected in the last entry.

So, here's some of the cooler stuff I've experienced or accomplished recently. First and foremost, I've been creating things!

That's the new banner for my Etsy store. I don't know how many of you saw the previous one. It was created many years ago with a graphic editing program that no longer exists, and a spastic, adolescent design concept. It was erratic and illegible. I don't intend for this banner to become permanent - I would like something that actually displays my work, but it's a good place-holder until I can get some better photographs of my projects.

I also created a new Facebook page specifically for my creations. I felt like the mash-up of both writing and crafting was getting confusing. Of course, the blog is still going to talk about whatever I've been working on, no matter what that is. If you go back some entries, you'll see pictures of jewelry and so forth that I've made. I'm still working on putting pictures up on the Facebook, but I have linked it with my Etsy in such a way that you can purchase directly from the Facebook page - currently at 5% off! Just click on the "My Etsy Store" tab. If you like my designs, please check out the page and hit the button to get updates on all my latest work.

Like this. You can buy this.

Speaking of my designs, yesterday I finished writing up a pattern I have intents to publish. I still have to knit the second of the pair before it's complete, but the first came out just the way I wanted it to. I'll post a picture when I'm totally finished. I do have some other patterns I may post on the internet for free, but wouldn't be able to sell due to copyright. For instance, I crocheted a TARDIS, which is clearly based on something the BBC owns.

In addition to a knitting pattern, I also completed a short story the other day. I had written the first draft a few months back, but finally got around to editing it. Now I just have to find it a home. I'm much more familiar with the process when it comes to poems and novels, but most short stories I've written previously were either for class or my own enjoyment. There are so many literary magazines out there, both online and off. It's not simply a question of my writing's quality (though that is definitely a factor). The story also has to be a good fit for the magazine as a whole, and the other pieces featured in the particular issue. To say the least, it's a nerve-wracking experience sending submissions, but I'm approaching it with optimism.

The video will be posted soon, and I'll tell you more about the short story there. Staying positive!